Monday, November 29, 2010

first day.

Assalamualaikum & nytez everyone,,

Today was my first day practical..
I can't describe how my feeling..
Although I was very scared at the first,
but I feel excited by the situation at the office..
At the first,I was asked to filled my personal information 
in a specific form..
After that,I was briefed about the rules 
of company by the supervisor..
And she took me to meet 
the owner of  the office.. <<<  bos
I was sOo  excited  scared~

But,there is no longer work for me to do yet..
juz visited the office that have been described earlier..
Besides,I was told to rearrange the invoice 
to a particular file by the seniors..
All of them treat me very well and I feel so glad.. 

Hurmm,,that's oulls for today..
I feel so tired..
See you again..
Have a nice day~

p/s: hari yang sangat gedixxx sb "speaking LONDON" konon..
jgn maraa yep~


Lots of love from:

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